5 Flower Wall Ideas For An Unforgettable Wedding

5 flower wall ideas for an unforgettable wedding

Flower walls, a magnificent wall of flowers that adds ornamental beauty to a wedding, have recently become a trend. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who tied the knot in front of a wall of roses and white peonies, flower walls have gained popularity.

What would be more grandeur and spectacular than to have floral decorations at your wedding! The best part about a flower wall is that it’s multi-purpose. You can install it at the ceremony entrance, at the reception behind an array of exotic dishes, or any other place that you’d like to highlight.

Especially, if you and your fiance are nature-lovers, it is a great way to bring the essence of Mother Nature indoors while you are celebrating. Moreover, these flower walls work as a spectacular photo booth or wedding backdrop. Because of these flower walls, you can be assured that your wedding photos would be amazing.

Since there has been a high demand for flower walls, there is a wide array of flower decorations you can choose from. Whether you want to have an elegant and modern wedding or a vibrant and playful one, there is something for everyone here.

So let’s get started and have a look at some of the beautiful flower wall ideas for your wedding

1. Classic Monochrome

Perfect for photos, flower walls can make every photo will look stunning! If your not familiar with what a flower wall is, it’s a temporary wall that is built with your choice of different coloured roses or greenery. Additionally, letters led lights, neon signs can be added to add a little bit of extra flair to the walls. Commonly used for weddings, high teas, gender reveals & parties, flower walls can be cost-effective.

For a minimalistic wedding, opt for a wall full of white flowers. Pair the white flowers with green bushes and set it wherever you want to. Pair this elegant floral wall with white chairs to give your wedding a classy feel. You wouldn’t even need much decoration or bright lights because the white color will brighten the room.

You can also take it up a notch by adding a wreath with white blooms and lush green leaves. Attach this wreath to a multi-colored wood for a pretty contrast. To complement the whole classic wedding look, you can also make a monogram out of the wreath.

Nothing can go wrong with this classic style!

2. Fairy Tale Feel

Having luscious draped ceilings can add so much more to a wedding. It adds that bit of elegance to your wedding at a fraction of the price. It’s important to remember that white should be the only colour to be used as any other colour would just wreck the effect. The same fabric can be used to tie around chairs which brings us to our next idea.

If you are someone who always wanted a fairy tale wedding ever since you were a little girl, then you can go with this style. A wall of white and purple flowers with drapery vines give out a soft, ethereal vibe. To enhance the beauty, add lights to the whimsical buds and drapey vines. Flowers rooted at the wall’s base create a beautiful garden illusion.

Want to give your wedding more natural feel? Simply string little buds and moss into a garland. This pretty garland along with tiny green leaves will give a rustic natural vibe. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then voila! You can hang these beautiful flower decorations from the branch of a tree. How can it not look like a scene from a Disney princess’ movie?

Also, choose soft pastel shades of pink and purple for keeping the whole look and feel of the wedding as a fairy tale. Fairy tales may not be real, but they can come true for your big day.

wedding couple flower wall

“Flower walls, a magnificent wall of flowers that adds ornamental beauty to a wedding”

3. Bohemian Romance

Who doesn’t love sunsets? But, it is another thing to get married with a sunset as a wedding backdrop. You can create a dreamy sunset by arranging blooms against sunset swirl of colors. Shades such as bright orange, or magenta are the ones which would go with this theme. Also, while you are decorating with vivid and bright colors, choose greenery for making a minimalistic statement. Go for organic colors inspired by nature for the rest of the decoration.

If you want to catch the attention of your guest, how about a rustic wall? Combine vivid vines with neon- bright florals. Attach this to a metal background to add more wild look. Complete the whole look with delicate, light-colored flowers for a touch of romance.

And there is your Bohemian wedding theme.

4. Exotic Paradise

There’s no such thing as too many flowers at a wedding. There are many different varieties of flowers that can be used to hang from the ceiling but typically they make what existing flowers your using at the wedding. This can become quite costly depending on how much of the ceiling you’ll be covering & if you are using real or fake flowers.

If you want to do something different, how about a wedding which lets your guests feel as if they are in a tropical location? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

This is a relatively new and fresh idea that you can adapt for your wedding. For this, use giant green leaves for your flower walls. Decorate a big bunch of wildflowers in between the giant leaves. Here is where it becomes interesting. Arrange the flowers in the opposite direction to the leaves. This will create a sense of movement. Quite trippy and nice, right?

You can install this flower wall behind the tables. Giant leaves evoke the feeling of a lovely tropical honeymoon. So don’t be surprised if you find couples in your wedding swooning over each other at these tables!

Festive vibes

A centrepiece is an important item of a display, usually of a table setting. Centrepieces help set the theme of the decorations and bring extra decorations to the table. In a wedding, there are many different variations so much sure you choose something that matches the rest of your decor.

For a larger than life wedding or a really bright, vibrant wedding, this theme is just made for you. Arrange red, yellow, orange blooms against a white wall. Add a bouquet of the same colored flowers on the nearby tables for consistency. Arrange the flowers in different orders for a more chic and fun feel. Lots of dark green combined with these bright shades would keep the wedding look sophisticated.

Add a playful punch with a corner full of giant-sized bright paper flowers. A wedding backdrop of paper flowers of vivid colors such as bright orange and crimson will make for a perfect selfie corner. Your guests would feel as if they are in a wonderland. Try opting for different shapes and sizes of paper flowers to get a more festive, vibrant and playful look for your wedding.

We hope you gain some ideas for your special day!


Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding. From caterers to decorations, you would want to have everything up to the mark. And why wouldn’t you? It’s not every day you get married. But since planning a wedding can be hassle and chaotic, choosing a flower wall for your wedding such as these can add charm and elegance to your big day. The flowers will complete the entire look of your wedding theme. In the end, you would want to make your wedding a memorable day for the rest of your life.