Covid Wedding Restrictions NSW

covid wedding restrictions nsw

As you are aware, covid-19 has single handedly halted the wedding industry & you might have some questions on what you can and cannot do for your wedding.

Latest Covid Wedding Restrictions NSW

Dancing is allowed at weddings for the bridal party only (no more than 20 people).

  • Funerals and memorial services are permitted.
  • Funerals and memorial services outside of Greater Sydney are permitted with a maximum of 1 person per 4 square metres of space on the premises. 

People from Greater Sydney (or who are subject to the stay at home rules) can leave their place of residence to attend a funeral or memorial service if they are the spouse, child, parent or sibling of the deceased.

If you are the organiser of a significant event you will need to have and comply with a relevant COVID-19 Safety Plan for a wedding, funeral or memorial service.

Latest Covid Religious Services Restrictions

When a religious service is held in a place of public worship, the person responsible for the premises must have and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your church, meeting house, mosque, synagogue, temple or other place of worship.

Find out about the rules that apply to singing in a place of worship