Floral Backdrop Hire

Make you wedding extra special with our floral backdrops. 

Floral Backdrop Hire

Flowers have long been a part of celebratory traditions for centuries, they are timeless in their simplicity and elegance. These days buying flowers on a large scale can get crazy expense and can easily become a strain on any budget. At captiiv8 flower wall hire we offer affordable and breathtaking floral backdrops in various styles and colors capable off suiting all occasions from baby showers to anniversaries and weddings. 

Have a corporate function that needs a touch of life? Why not rent a floral wall and add the perfect backdrop to displays, lunch and dessert tables. They also make the perfect photo opportunity for all your guests and clients. 

Our floral backdrops are quick and easy to assemble so you can have your flower wall set up and ready use in moments. Our backdrops are 2.3m tall x 2.3m wide and can be installed inside as well as outdoor (dependent on weather) anywhere in Sydney. 

What could be more luxurious than a wall full of roses, hydrangeas and peonies. Captiv8 flower wall hire gives you the perfect alternative to overpriced flowers with affordable floral backdrops as stunning and breathtaking as the real thing. Contact us today to find out how you can hire your very own flower wall. 

White Rose Flower Wall

Green Backdrop Hedge Wall

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