What is a Flower Wall

Purple Flower Wall at Wedding

At present, flower décor has become a trend in all types of events, especially couples looking for a stunning wedding flower wall so that they can make their special day memorable.
The history of flower decoration dates back to the time of ancient Egyptian. They were decorating numerous things with flowers. They use flowers for simple table decorations and to add color to their surroundings. They used flowers that had symbolic meaning along with importance on religious significance. For example, water lily or lotus flower was taken as sacred to Isis, and that’s why these flowers were often used in event arrangements.
Flower arranging eventually reached Europe and was especially famous in monasteries and churches where flowers were used for food and decoration too.
Now, it has become impossible to imagine an event without using flowers for decoration. Now, flowers walls have appeared as the latest and must have decoration item for all type of occasions, be it
• Wedding
• Birthday party
• Reception party
• Engagement party
• Baby shower
• And much more

If you ever go to any big event, be it wedding or birthday party, then you are sure to see a flower wall at the event. It is not surprising to see why more and more people are taking a keen interest in the flower décor. Because we all love flowers so much… isn’t, it right?

Sydney Flower Wall Hire

“Flower Walls are an obvious trend”

Flowers are one of the very expensive gifts in nature. They attract everyone with their shape, beauty, colors, and fragrance they have. They make our lives colorful. Without flowers, the world would become a duller place. More importantly, people show love and feelings to their loved ones with flowers. In short, they symbolize happiness, and that’s why they are used for happiness events, such as anniversary, birthday, wedding, valentine day, and a baby born to make the event more special, memorable and unforgettable.

There is no denying that anxiety and stress are part of our everyday life. But, when we look at a fresh and colorful flower, then we almost forget about our all stress and tensions going in our lives. Throughout many ages, we use flowers for décor as a symbol of beauty, peace, love, and happiness. Considering all these things, it is not wrong to state that flower wall can make your special day more special and remarkable.

Are you thinking about having a flower wall on your wedding day? If so, then you might be probably looking for Flower Wall Company that offers incredible ranges of flower walls. If yes, then don’t go further from captiv8 flower wall hire Sydney. Here, you are sure to find flower walls you want for your special occasion. They provide the most affordable and breathtaking flower backdrops for all type of occasion.

There is no doubt that flower backdrops are stunning for weddings. You can use them during your ceremony, as an eye-catching or attractive entry piece or as a picture booth backdrop. With captiv8 flower wall hire, you can complete your wedding look and feel with their inclusive selection of flower backdrops, which are available in a wide range of colors and styles.

Bridal shower
Flower walls make for gorgeous decoration at bridal showers. If you really wish to put on your shower that significantly stands out in other people’s minds, then incorporating a stunning flower backdrop with so many colors complimenting the wedding scheme of the bride is an amazing way to show attention to creativity and detail.

Birthday party
If you are throwing a surprise birthday party for a family member or friend, then the flower wall would be truly fun and impressive touch.

Bridesmaids’ suite
Do you want a swoon-worthy backdrop to get ready pictures on your special day? If so, then incorporating a flower wall is one that can help you in this.

Rehearsal dinner or lunch
Do you wish to create an unforgettable and memorable rehearsal dinner or lunch for your spouse or guests? If so, then use flowers as a backdrop for speech!! This will create a great environment and make the dinner event perfect.

New Year’s Eve Party
The flower wall company – captiv8 flower wall hire has some quite luxury flowers that would be gorgeous for New Year’s Eve party. It’s New Year, and so, you should think out of the box and create an exceptional flower backdrop to welcome New Year with a great smile.

Baby Shower
Without any doubts, flower wall would make for incredible decoration at a baby shower. Flower backdrop is sure to make any baby shown ever more memorable.

If you have a craft room, little girl or home office, then you can use flower backdrop for home decoration and make your little one, craft or office room more appealing.

Photography studio
If you are a professional photographer and always looking for quite fun and new backdrop ideas, then it’s time to think about flow backdrop that would be stunning for senior and graduation photos.

At captiv8 Flower wall hire Sydney, you can have luxury flower walls for your event to make it more special and memorable. They have gorgeous flower walls that will instantly add the great touch of elegance and life to weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, anniversaries, and much more.

In addition to it, their incredible and eye-catchy flower walls can also be used as backdrops for luncheons, dessert stations, corporate events, etc. They will provide you with the perfect solution with the most affordable artificial flowers as stunning as the actual thing. Believe it or not….Flowers walls truly do make an ideal backdrop for any occasion.

For whatever occasion you want flower wall, all you need to do is to hire captiv8, the right place to have a luxury flower walls at a reasonable price.